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 Safran in Château Couhins
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Safran in Château Couhins

Towards more polyculture in our vineyards

For 2 years now, we've been growing Saffron in our vineyards.

The idea of planting Saffron germinated in our minds, and now in our soils, as we looked for a way to provide plant cover under our rows of vines.

This breaks with monoculture, enriches our soils and creates better aeration, while adding a little more value to our terroir.

Saffron cultivation is a long and meticulous process, particularly during the harvest in October.

Once the flowers have been picked by the Château's teams, the pistils must be extracted (pruned) before being dried to enhance their aromas.

We sell this Saffron to our partner restaurateurs, as well as through our 

e-boutique or directly at the estate.

Please note: production is very limited, so first come, first served.

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