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Our philosophy

In 2000, Couhins adopted a series of environmentally-conscious practices, including prohibiting the use of herbicides.
From that point on, Dominique and the team have strived tirelessly to reinstate life within the vineyard – in the soils, between the vines, and around the plots.
This approach required several years to implement, to familiarise people with its philosophies and integrate it wholly into the estate’s daily operations. Today, this approach unites our teams, and their commitment to the environment extends from the vineyard to the cellar.
This new direction is born from our awareness that we are the guardians of an exceptional terroir, which we must preserve through organic and precise viticulture.
Enriching our terroir through sustainable practices has increased the finesse, depth, and balance of our wines. This in turn highlights their minerality and beguiling freshness, two key identifiers of great terroir wines.

The château’s organic certification in 2022 was a landmark moment for us and those who enjoy our wines - though it is but a single step in our long yet persevering agroecological journey.

Several elements illustrate this ongoing quest :

Biodiversity et agroecology :

- Since 2000, we have planted hedges and flower strips, creating an ecological corridor where insects, birds, and other vertebrates can seek shelter

- Saffron was planted between the vines and has been harvested in October 2022 to be dried, conditioned, and later sold

- Since 2023, olive trees have been growing around the estate and will soon see their first harvest – a major achievement in Dominique’s quest for polyculture

- We have installed nesting boxes to house the birds and bats that prey on vine pests. Excellent honey is also produced from the beehives located on the outskirts of the château near our local stream, the Eau Blanche

Architecture :
Created in 2011 according to France's HQE (High Environmental Quality) standards, our main building is made from modern materials, with a zinc roof and a façade built from wood and glass, seamlessly blending into the surrounding landscape. The cellar is composed of suspended wood that absorbs sound and provides a harmonious design. Solar panels are also installed on the roofs of various buildings to reduce our energy consumption

Water management :
This major challenge is at the heart of our operations. Our water tables are diminishing year-on-year, and we must fight to curb this phenomenon. At Couhins, we collect rainwater and use it to treat our vines or clean our cellars