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New packaging for our first organic vintage
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New packaging for our first organic vintage

New packaging for our first organic vintage

We are delighted to present the new packaging for Château Couhins 2022. 

Developed in close collaboration with the EXCEPTIO Studio team, our new packaging embodies Couhins' scientific approach through the use of the Fibonacci curve. This curve, which converges towards the golden ratio, symbolizes perfect balance, while preserving the elegance and sobriety that characterized our previous label. It's also important to emphasize that these changes mark the transition to a new era for Château Couhins, with eco-designed packaging.


First of all, the label has been made from eco-sourced paper and printed using a traditional method: intaglio. The cap has been shortened to limit the use of aluminum. Finally, wooden crates have been replaced by cardboard for better recycling.


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