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In the middle of a vine pruning session!
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In the middle of a vine pruning session!

Pruning the vines!

While nature is resting, our team is busy with winter pruning, a crucial stage in the creation of our wines.

This strategic intervention aims to control vine growth, regulate yields and promote a balanced distribution of buds. It also ensures the vineyard's longevity by eliminating dead wood and stimulating the production of healthy wood, thus promoting vigorous new growth in the spring.


Beyond yield management, winter pruning has a direct influence on the quality of the grapes harvested. By adjusting the load on each vine stock, winemakers can control the concentration of aromas and flavors in the bunches.

Each cut is a promise to the vines to give their best in the next vintage. It's a symphony of tradition and innovation that enables us to harvest quality grapes.

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